MIDI Designer (Pro, Lite, 12 and XW)  -  Award-winning Professional MIDI controller platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Your perfect MIDI controller.

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Other Software by Confusionists:

Mjdj MIDI Morph  -  Mjdj MIDI Morph is a free MIDI transformation platform for Windows and OSX written in Java.
Roland Handsonic Controller  -  A Java-based MIDI interface to control most functions of the Roland Handsonic HPD-15.
The THroNG Mixer  -  A multitrack online mixing board (client in Adobe Flash/Flex), for use with THroNG's music. Can also be used for MP3s anywhere on the Internet.
TheKBase  -  Multiple-hierarchical database or notepad available in three flavors: Desktop (both .Net and Mono), Mobile (Windows Mobile) and Web (in Adobe Flex and ASP.Net).
IWeb Lite  -  No hassle Web Services for DotNetNuke 4.8.x.
SWFObject4DNN  -  Adobe Flash and Flex Module for DotNetNuke for DotNetNuke 4.8.x. This is a non-necessary companion project for IWeb Lite.